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熱門關鍵詞: 料塔 輸送絞龍 產蛋箱 環境改善 喂料 籠具

Shanghai Extra Machinery Co.,Ltd.

地址:358 Linsheng Road, Tinglin Industrial Zone, Jinshan District, Shanghai




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Company spirit: cooperation, professionalism, enterprising, sharing

Cooperation: Three levels of cooperation: partners, customers, and company teams-open your mind, cooperate with international leading companies in various fields, stand on the shoulders of giants reasonably and legally and quickly achieve success.

Profession: Product technology, system solutions, and company operation three levels of professionalism-providing professional products and system solutions, and a professional team to provide services, is the basis for us to create value for customers, company development Fundamental.

Enterprising: Product technology, work attitude, life philosophy-never satisfied, proactive, pursue excellence, reject mediocrity is the source of our spiritual motivation.

Sharing: customers, shareholders, employees-creating value for customers, realizing asset appreciation for shareholders, increasing income for employees, continuously improving the quality of life of employees, and creating a better future are the goals of our business operations.

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